Saturday, April 21, 2012

The merry month.

THIS SUMMER FOOD & WhIskEy goes vegan.  In the month of May I'll host weekly recipe post events devoted to each of the dear sacrifices to follow; there are five months in May, so the themes will go as follows:  MAY 1st-5th: EGGS; 6th-12th:  BUTTER; 13th-19th: CHEESE; 20th-26th: MILK; then finishing out the month with a theme-encompassing jaunt to Dormont's magical pizzeria, Fiori's for a Viking funeral to all tidbits of animal consumption.

It's a celebration of worldly goodbyes.  And I refuse to do a single one of them alone.  Pittsburghers, enterprising global curiosity seekers and enabled regionals, I will set the kitchen table in the apartment every Monday in the month of May with a dish that celebrates one formidable ingredient soon to leave my diet.  I want to find what is grand in it all.  Get in touch.  I can feed one person a week--one couple at best.  The menu has been written (I'll post it early next week).

Details will follow.



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